Providing Your Dog With Proper Nutrition

MastifThere’s no denying the fact that, proper nutrition is very important to your dog. That’s why  you should make sure that your pets diet has just the right amount of nutrients as this will ensure that he remains happy,  healthy, and has a long life. The best way to ensure this is by feeding your dog a healthy diet. You will learn what food is important for him at every stage of his life. In doing so, it will be possible to give your dog all the proper nutrients that he requires, which in turn will minimize your visits to the Vet.

Here are some steps to follow to keep your dog healthy and happy:

Decide on the right food for your dog

When deciding on what kind of food to feed your dog, bear in mind that dogs are omnivores and can feed pretty much the same way that humans do. Dogs’ need a variety of foods that will provide them with proper nutrition; to accomplish this make sure that your dog eats plenty of: meats vegetables and grains. Make sure that your dog’s meals are balanced and moderately sized. Guard against your dog being overweight because this could put him in the risk of developing diabetes.

Be informed on your dog’s nutritional needs

It is important that you know how much you should feed your dog, depending on his age and size. Some breeds of dogs require a lot of activity. Therefore their diet will consist of ingredients that are likely to keep their energy level up. When purchasing dog food, make sure you read the contents on the  label, this will determine the amount of food that you should feed your dog. To be very sure that your dog is getting all the required nutrients  talk to your vet so that he can guide you.

Know the calories of your dog’s food

Sometimes it’s not possible to determine the caloric content s of the dog foods at the store simply reading by their labels. For this reason you should talk to your vet so that he can determine which food is right for your pet. In order to balance the calories he can tell you whether you should put your dog on a diet of dry foods as opposed to canned foods.

Know the right schedule of feeding your dog

It’s also important to know the right time to feed your dog. For adult dogs it is recommended that they be fed twice daily. make sure that the dog’s food is well proportioned so that the dog is not underfed or over fed. To prevent calorie overload make sure your dog avoids fatty foods, if you have to give your dog a treat, there are healthy alternatives available.


Dog Care- Common Health Issues and Treatments

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend; this is because it is loyal and absolute love it has for its master. Therefore, it’s your duty to make sure that its living condition is clean and friendly environment; this is not difficult to achieve. In addition, you ought to know some of the common health problems they suffer in his or her life.

Some of the ailments which affect a canine range from various types of bacterial and viral bugs. Diseases such as heart conditions, skin, ears, and nervous system and eye issues are also most common. If you notice that your dog is losing hair, having problems when breathing and being infected by colds often, then you need to worry as the owner.

Loss of appetite suddenly, too much vomiting and diarrhea are signs that show your canine is sick. In some instances, you may observe behavior changes; for instance, hostility, lack of energy, and melancholy are symptoms to raise the red flag. Ailments like arthritis and cataract may come up in their old age whereas heart disorders and cancer are inherited.

Your favorite pet may have wounds such as broken bone, which can be as a result of calcium intake is low, or hip/elbow dysphasia; this may be due to poor formation of joints. There are injuries that occur because of neglect by the owner like choking, frostbites or electrical shock, these are accidents that happen.

The most common sickness in canine is skin issues. If you notice your dog is regularly scratching itself, particularly in areas of the ears and chest, the most likely problem is it is infected by outer vermin, e.g. lice and fleas. An additional skin disease is the mange; this one is due to mite infestation. Roundworms, heart worms and hookworms are inner parasites that normally cause death, internal bleeding and anemia.

Rabies is one of the deadliest diseases that can affect your dog. It is untreatable and usually results to sudden death. It can be transmitted from one animal to another through bites or saliva.

In order to ensure your pet is healthy, there are few preventative things you need to do as the owner. These include giving proper nutrients and clean surrounding to live in.

Make sure you maintain an exercise schedule for your dog. It is possible to avoid some ailments by having a regular medical check up for your canine. If you notice it has an infection, ensure it is isolated from other pets and your children. Make sure your dog has good care and should be trained to be disciplined as well.

You need to ensure you care for your dog, and it will reciprocate in kind.

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